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Also known as a hydrolate; a floral water is the water obtained from the distillation process of the plant material. The essential oil floats to the top of the water and separates. The remaining floral water contains the natural essence of the plant.

Unlike the majority of floral waters on the market, Medicine Flower hydrolates are obtained by a single steam distillation under low pressure and temperature, a proprietary processing mode, resulting in maximum essential oil saturation exceeding 0.1%. The essential oil content of the floral water varies from batch to batch.

That high level, over three times the average market reading, acts as a natural preservative ensuring a shelf life of over two years thus avoiding application of any chemical preservatives commonly used in floral waters.

Our floral waters are wildcrafted, sustainably grown and non-GMO.

Use for environmental fragrancing, body and linen misting, culinary flavoring and aromatic ambiance.

Ingredient: genuine food-grade floral water. No preservatives or fillers.

All of our Floral Waters are on sale while supplies last!


Chamomile Roman Floral WaterChamomile Roman Floral Water
An earthy, calming scent of Roman Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis), reminiscent of taking a bunch of fresh chamomile flowers and crushing it in your hands. A very complete extraction of Roman Chamomile with its inherent complexity intact.

Roman Chamomile is believed to relieve stress and to help bring sleep and relaxation.

Champaka Floral WaterChampaka Floral Water
Michelia champaka is a species of magnolia. Their flowers have been used in Southeast Asia for temple offerings, as hair decorations or placed in bowls of water to perfume the air at home.

The scent may be familiar as an ingredient in traditional incense sticks.

Clary Sage Floral WaterClary Sage Floral Water
Clary Sage (Salvia sclaria) floral water with the unique, dry scent of Clary Sage. A prized note in perfumery and a very potent floral water.

Frangipani Floral WaterFrangipani Floral Water
Frangipani - Plumaria alba, is also called simply "plumeria". In Hawaii, it is called "melia". It is often grown in Hawaiian gardens.

A sweet and delightful scent, extracted in such a way as to keep the depth of the Frangipani flower scent intact.

Gardenia Floral WaterGardenia Floral Water
Gardenia jasminoides is prized in the garden for its potent scent. This floral water is an intoxicating mist of pure gardenia for your enjoyment.

Rose Geranium Floral WaterRose Geranium Floral Water
This floral water of Pelargonium roseum is intense; a bright happy scent. A single spritz into the air is like pushing your nose into a fresh bouquet of scented geraniums. This floral water is very strong.

Honeysuckle Floral WaterHoneysuckle Floral Water
Pure botanical floral water of Lonicera periclymenum. European Honeysuckle or Woodbine is native to much of Europe. The flowers are very sweet smelling (especially during the night). Words cannot do justice to this relaxing, calming sweet fragrance. Origin: Myanmar

Jasmine Grandiflorum Floral WaterJasmine Grandiflorum Floral Water
Pure floral water of Jasmine grandiflorum. This water has a drier, more classic jasmine scent than the potent fruity scent of the sambac. Very clean, pure scent of jasmine with a large amount of essential oil retained in the water.

Jasmine Sambac Floral WaterJasmine Sambac Floral Water
High-grade floral water of Jasmine sambac. This floral water is a very pure scent of Jasmine sambac since it is made with a low temperature process and there is a large amount of essential oil remaining in the water. Sambac, also known as "Pikaki", has a distinctive odor profile: fruity and very sweet.

Lemon Verbena Floral WaterLemon Verbena Floral Water
The lemony, exotic scent of fresh Lippia citriodora is captured perfectly in this refreshing floral water. Excellent for facial spritzing and room freshening.

Blue Lotus Floral WaterBlue Lotus Floral Water
Pure botanical floral water of Nymphaea caerulea, also known as the Blue Egyptian Water Lily, an aquatic flower native to Egypt. Used in aromatherapy, Blue Lotus has a divine essence - bringing heightened awareness and tranquility.

White Lotus Floral WaterWhite Lotus Floral Water
Nelumbo nucifera, the Sacred Lotus of India is the Buddhist symbol of purity rising over the muddy water of attachment. This pure floral water of White Lotus will inspire and calm you... body, mind and spirit.

Lavender Floral WaterLavender Floral Water
The classic floral water of ancient times, lovely soothing Lavandula angustifolia is refreshing and soft. Spritz Lavender Floral Water on your face and shoulders for a refreshing experience.

Magnolia Floral WaterMagnolia Floral Water
Our wonderful new White Magnolia Floral Water is really special and very potent. Mist on your clothes to scent for hours!

Neroli Floral WaterNeroli Floral Water
This Neroli Hydrolate is amazing. We are all loving this product here at Medicine Flower! The beautiful scent of Citrus aurantium is potent and lasts for hours on your clothes and skin. This product is also food-grade.

Rose Floral WaterRose Floral Water
This Genuine Rose Water is an organic food-grade product. Obtained during steam distillation of Bulgarian Rose petals (Rosa damascena) during rose oil production in the Valley of the Rose, Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Rose Water has been used in folk medicine for appeasing heartburn and digestive conditions. Our Rose Water restores the biological balance of your skin, reducing puffiness and replenishing hydration. Rose water restores optimal skin pH while maintaining a youthful-looking and radiant complexion.

White Rose Floral WaterWhite Rose Floral Water
The rare White Rose floral water is pure water resulting from the distillation of Bulgarian white roses (Rosa damscena). It has a lighter and spicier odor profile than "pink" rose water. Very clearly a natural product with all of the complexity of a fresh flower up close.

Tuberose Floral WaterTuberose Floral Water
Polianthes tuberosa is a species of night-blooming agave that is prized around the world for its sweet scent. Used as a middle-note in perfumery, this floral water is rare , especially with such purity.

White Sage Floral WaterWhite Sage Floral Water
This floral water is made from the revered White Sage, Salvia apiana, used by Native Americans for centuries. Plant materials are sustainably wildcrafted in the United States. The scent of this floral water is of the high desert after a rain.


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